Alone In The Light: iOS

2016-02-22 01:08:29 by AwkwardSilenceGames


How are you?

I'm currently on a night shift at work - bored out of my mind - so I thought I'd update NG on my current activities.

So, I've been working on my first iOS game recently. A survival-ish game called Alone In The Light. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible in order to actually finish it and it's coming along nicely.

At the moment, the main objective of the game is to just loot stuff, survive and make it as far as you can in a randomly generating 2D world. I am thinking about ditching the open endedness though, and maybe having a loose plot and an ending. We'll see.

Check it out:






That's pretty much all for now. If you'd like to keep up to date with this, please check out my social links to the side <<

I'm trying to make more of an effort to keep them active. Particularly the Facebook one.


- Beans


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2016-02-22 12:39:50

Looks awesome. Will you only be coming out with a IOS version? I have an IPad but a Droid Phone.
Probably would be nicer on the Ipad anyways...

AwkwardSilenceGames responds:

If I'm being completely honest - I have no idea how to port to Android or iPad yet.

Android will be fairly easy, but the iPad might take some tinkering with the resolution/size of things (I think????). On top of that I have no way to test on those devices myself yet.

That being said they are both absolutely possible and I'll be looking into it once I've got the iPhone version nearly done.


2016-02-22 13:45:10

OOOOOOoooo I thought IOS included the iPad. My bad, kind of lost when it comes to programming shit.

Well I hope to see it on the Droid. Truly looks awesome. Good luck with everything!