Unfinished Business #6: Random Generation

2014-06-05 15:15:21 by AwkwardSilenceGames

So this is probably one of the more complex things I’ve done (which isn’t saying much). While there isn’t any plot or story behind this one, it features a bunch of cool little things game play-wise.

First of; each screen is randomly generated, so the scrolling goes on forever. You can go back and fourth between the screens and any progress made on each screen will be saved. I’m mentioning these mundane, obvious features because they were fucking cunts to program.

So secondly, you can collect resources from the 2 assets in the game. Rocks and wood. To collect them, just stand near them on the screen and click with the mouse. After a certain amount of resources have been collected, you can build a cabin on the red areas. That’s about the limit of the game were I left it, but if I remember correctly I was aiming for some kind of 2D side-scrolling Don’t Starve.


Click here to play: Some game

Another note on this one: I seem to have another version of the game, without the ‘survival’ aspect, but with some crazy visuals.

Click here to play that.


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