Unfinished Business #4: A Wild Pack Of Family Dogs

2014-05-31 05:06:28 by AwkwardSilenceGames

This one is one of the stranger things I’ve worked on. In fact I’ve only just now named it “A Wild Pack Of Family Dogs” because I remember a small piece of it was inspired by the Modest Mouse song. As for the rest of it: I was going for as obscure as possible.

It’s a game that would have taken place over thousands of years, multiple characters and a civilization. That, however, is all going to be very hard to see from this ‘demo’. Another strange thing about this guy, is that some of the visuals change depending on what time of the day you play it. That’s a feature I’ve been trying to use for years.

The music is Disengaged by Grouper, with what sounds like an audiobook layered over it. I think it’s Anthem by Ayn Rand.


Click here to play A Wild Pack Of Family Dogs


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