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It's half 2 in the morning. I have a bunch of other things I need to be working on, but I can't get this fucking wolf's walk cycle right. So I'm offering it to you people. Credit will naturally be given. and shit, I'll probably ask you to do more shit for me some other day. It can be as many frames as you like, as long as it looks better than mine (which I'd post, but I rage-deleted).

Oh yeah. It has to be done in pixels too.

This is the game it's for. Please help me.

Who wants to animate this fucking wolf?

New game: Red

2011-08-09 16:40:17 by AwkwardSilenceGames

Working on it anyway.

Think Little Red Riding Hood meets The Road. This one actually has a game engine that doesn't involving holding left to win. It's a point and click :O.

New game: Red

The Body

2011-07-10 17:34:33 by AwkwardSilenceGames

Black and white. Check.
Obscure plot. Check.
Depressing tone. Check.
Little to no game play. Check.

Pretentious "art" game it is then.

The body is the first game I've been able to complete in 7 months. It's short, confusing and isn't technically fun. It's not a game I'm not particularly proud of. Infact, The body is barely a game at all. The body is, however, something. It's something I've actually managed to finish since One Chance.

There's roughly 8 uncompleted games on my cutting room floor. Each of them more interesting and more fun than The body. But for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to finish them. And yet this 4 minute, hold left to win, "game" slipped through the cracks. The one plus of actually completing a bit of work, is that I'm slightly more hungry to actually finish more games... or game.

The next one will be a real game. Promise.

Click here to play.

Hey, Atleast this one has a replay button.


2011-06-24 16:47:12 by AwkwardSilenceGames

Slow couple of months.



2011-02-28 11:46:25 by AwkwardSilenceGames a game about a man. Originally going to be loosely based on the J-Horror of the same name (e.g. Ghosts, internet, red tape), the game is now almost about something completely different. However, luckily, the name "Pulse" still applies.



Star Wars: Wrath of the Nerf Herder (working title).

Is about a lowly Nerf herder spending his last remaining hours on Alderaan. The game takes place hours before the Death Star explodeinates it.

Does anyone know if George Lucas is particularly litigious?

Game I'll never finish #48

One Chance

2010-12-02 14:27:24 by AwkwardSilenceGames

A couple of hours ago I posted a game called "One Chance". If you liked/hated that game enough to this page, heres a couple of things you might like to know.

The game is basically a cross between two other games on Newgrounds at the moment (both of which you should check out). One is "Every day the same dream", with a little bit of "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds". It was playing these games that inspired me.

It was originally going to be a much longer and complicated game, with far more choices and endings. However, after a solid week or so working on the game non-stop, I hit a brick wall and the game wasn't touched for nearly a month. After three weeks passed, I decided I liked the idea (and the twist of only being able to play the game once) too much to let die, so I pretty much rushed the ended. This rushing is really shown in the animation of certain scenes and design. You may also notice that after day 3 or so, the car park scene doesn't return. This was also due to rushing the game.

Also there are bugs. Alot of bugs. Mostly over sights in coding due to my rushing. I'm currently barrelling through alot of bugs you guys have brought up. I've fixed every one I've seen the reviews

One Chance is the second game of a trilogy to do with choices. While Tree dealt with the choice of faith, One chance deals with living (or dying) with thoes choices. The final game will consist of similar, if not, the same themes.

There are 5 endings to One Chance, providing you aren't too fond of your cookies. There were originally going to be over 10 endings and alot of secrets that would effect different aspects of the game; including: Clothing changes, shaving/haircut, the ability to pray ect...

Anyway, thanks for taking an interest.